Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Little Bit About Me...

This was sent to me by email a few weeks back to send around to my friends and I ignored it, but I have seen this on some other people's blogs here and I thought "what a good idea!" as it does make a good little post that will give anyone reading a little bit of info about me.

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago
Exactly 10 years ago I was...
In the UAE for the first time, staying in a hotel in Deira with my husband and first son Salman
getting ready to go home to my Parents' house for Christmas
shopping in the gold souk for gifts
missing Zanzibar
Trying to get used to this new country where we would be living after I got back from my trip home

5 Snacks I Like
tapioca pudding

peanut brittle
dried cherries
green seedless grapes

5 things I would do if I was a millionaire
Buy a home on the beach in Zanzibar

Start an orphanage / school for poor children in Nairobi
Fix up my parents' home and buy them new cars and whatever else they need.
Start a trust fund for my brother with Tourettes Syndrome so my parents don't have to worry what will happen to him after they are gone
Give money to anyone I care about who needs it.

5 places I have lived

Unguja (Zanzibar)

5 Jobs I have had
Event coordinator, Old historic Mill

Clerk - Bergners department store - or lower middle class hell as I like to call it
Personal Assistant for Sheikh
Senior Project Manager for a PR firm
Content Manager for an event organizer.


Anonymous said...


I liked 2 positions you mentioned:

"Clerk - Bergners department store - or lower middle class hell as I like to call it
Personal Assistant for Sheikh"

MashaAllah! your job experience is so diverse!

And I'm going to google Zanzibar to see what's so special about it :)

desertmonsoon said...

Ah Bergners... that place gave me a clear picture of how I was sure I DID NOT want my life to turn out - all of the full time (non university student) employees had the most depressing lives.

I did work for a Sheikh - he was a member of the Al Maktoum family (who rule Dubai) - he was great - he gave us three weeks off at Christmas time and one week off for easter - everyone, no matter what their religion :)

I have put a small post with some pictures of Zanzibar - I will add more once I find them... my photos are scattered all over the place

Anonymous said...

Are those pics of Zanzibar you posted are your own? I mean did you take those pics?

desertmonsoon said...

yes I did, or my friend who was visiting me did - we were both using the same camera.

desertmonsoon said...

actually my husband also took some of them.. so it was a group effort