Thursday, January 8, 2009

10 random facts about me

Well I was tagged by Empress Anisa so I am supposed to tell 10 random things about myself so lets see...

1. Ninaweza kuzumgunza Kiswahili. Lakini, siku hizi ninasahau vitu vyingi.

2. I am the second oldest of seven children (3 boys and 4 girls); the youngest is 17 years younger than I am

3. I have a Bachelor of Science in Biology, which I have never applied practically and probably never will.

4. I have had Malaria three times - all during a single pregnancy.

5. I like to paint and draw, if it would pay the bills I would love to be an artist by profession.

6. My father thinks I have obsessive compulsive disorder - but then he obsessively diagnoses everyone with that.

7. I have a very unusual name (so I cannot post it here). My parents made it up by combining a boy's name from a Scandinavian language (my paternal Grandfather is Scandinavian) with another name. To date, I have never met anyone else with it. When I google it all references that turn up are to me or a younger man (which means I had it first) who spells his name the same way(though I don't know how he pronounces it)and he is serving time for murder. When I got married my in-laws tried to force me to change it to a common Arabic / Muslim name - and I refused because after being teased for it throughout my childhood by children and adults alike, I now own it and it is me. I could never think of myself as any other name. Plus I believe only your parents get the right to name you and as long as they didn't give you some freaky or offensive name, you should honor that. My name means "beautiful kettle" or "beautiful helmet."

8. I hate it when people beat around the bush in trying to tell me something. If you want to say something, say it directly otherwise keep it to yourself until you have the guts to talk about it directly

9. I used to go Salsa dancing on a regular basis -I kind of miss it. Sometimes I still dance alone or with my babies in my living room.

10. One of my favorite foods is Butter Chicken (Sindh Punjab Restaurant in Karama Dubai has the best) my other favorite would be the traditional American Thanksgiving / Christmas Dinner - Turkey, home made gravy and mashed potatoes - yum!


Asel said...

:) very interesting.

I believe people with uncommon names sometimes have more interesting personality than owners of common names. When such a child grows up he subconsciously knows he's unique, special. Of course it's not a rule, I don't mean there are no outstanding people who have widespread popular names.

Although I was very shy of my name while at school I was glad I was the only girl in the class named like that. While we had 4 girls named Tatiana, 3 girls named Yulia, 2 Elena, 4 boys named Andrey, 3 boys named Alexander (that's in a group of 25 pupils). All those are Russian names.

P.S. could you translate the point number one please :-P

Asel said...

By the way, I'm also the second oldest of seven children (3 girls and 4 boys)

Malaria... _:-o Frankly I dont know much about it. It's typical for Africa I guess. As far as I know it's a dangerous fever, there's even a vaccine. How come you had it 3 times? There's no immunity to it?

You must have some pictures you painted. I wish I could see. Just curious. Maybe one day you could make a photo (photos) and post it here.

Do you paint with oils? If yes then I'm all envious. I've never tried it. My elder sis used to paint with oils on canvas while young, but stopped after getting married. I wonder will she ever go back to paining...

I used to enjoy drawing myself, but it did not have a chance to develop into anything serious. I might have become passionate about drawing given the circumstances.

Empress Anisa said...

Monsoon- you are a unique sister! I agree with the "beating aroudn the bush" thing- when you have the guts, let me know... it's totally annoying!
Malaria 3 times? You poor thing....

Thanks for sharing just who Monsoon is!

I love you, my sister, for the pleasure of Allah

desertmonsoon said...

Thanks Asel and Empress :)actually I am trying to put some photos of my paintings / scans of my drawings here but I had trouble today with the image uploading... don't know why. I will try again

Malaria is caused by a small parasitic creature (plasmodium) that is carried by the mosquito - certain species of the mosquito genusAnopheles. When going to visit a place where there is Malaria, tourists usually take a very strong pill once a week, basically a poison to kill the micro organism. It can cause insomnia and if used on a long term basis would most likely cause severe liver damage - so if you live in a malaria zone, you have to use mosquito nets and repellent if you are out at night. I got Malaria 3 times while I lived in Zanzibar, I had stopped taking the weekly pill, but my desk at the hotel was next to the fish pond (fish ponds are ideal breeding grounds for mosquitos). I usually went home before sun down so it wasn't a problem but a few times I was there a bit late and got bitten. In fact, I discovered I was pregnant when I went for my first malaria test. I was having splitting head aches and my back was in so much pain... anyway they did the test - a simple one where they take a drop of blood and look at it under the microscope. Well I had it alright so the "doctor" prescribed the strongest medicine - because if it was a particularly lethal strain the weaker ones would not wipe it out of my system. Anyway, I suddenly thought, wait my period is a bit late, so I told the doctor so then I took a pregnancy test and it turned out I was pregnant so I had to take a milder medicine. Luckily the milder medicine worked and the baby (Salman) and I survived.

My Name...Well I used to think I should be somebody because of my name, because if I wasn't somebody then my name would die with me... I don't think I am going to be "somebody" anymore - kind of late for that - but I have kids so maybe my name will live on in some later generation

desertmonsoon said...

Is Asel your real name?

If it is, it is lovely - what does it mean? I have never heard it before.

And the first thing means "I am able to speak Swahili. But these days I have forgotten many things." I used to be much better - my vocabulary is diminishing and my grammar is deteriorating too. but if I went back to live in Zanzibar, I think I could get back into speaking it fairly well.

Asel said...

I researched about Malaria- there's no vaccine against malaria, I probably confused malaria with a yellow fever.

"Asel" is not my name. It's a Kazakh and Kyrgyz female name which comes from Arabic word عسل, it means "honey" or "sweet".

desertmonsoon said...

Asali is honey in Swahili :)

Yes yellow fever is something you have to have a paper showing your are vaccinated against it when you go to Zanzibar - or you used to need it, I don't know about now. The vaccine made my arm so sore.