Monday, April 13, 2009

My life as a whipping boy

Apparently it is my fault that my boss forgot to pick up his wife and son from the Airport.

It is my fault in spite of the fact that:

  • His wife never sent any flight details to me or to the email account of his that I have access to.

  • On Saturday, when she was supposed to arrive, I called and asked him about her flight details so I could arrange for a driver (just in case he didn't want to pick them up himself, or in case he wanted the driver to drive HIM to get them) and he told me in his big man voice "No-ho, I'm going to pick them up myself"; and even after I said, "well I thought maybe you would like a driver so you don't have to worry about parking and to help with the luggage", he said "nah, I don't need any help, I will get them myself" Well okay then...

  • After reading his emails Saturday Night and seeing one from his wife that made it clear she would in fact NOT arrive that evening because her flight had been cancelled (thanks to inclement weather) and that she would now arrive Sunday evening 'at around the same time' (still no mention of Airline, flight number, exact arrival time, routing of the flight), I called him to see if he still planned to pick her up himself, and he said he would like to if he could, but he would let me know for sure "tomorrow".

  • On Sunday, after someone from the Marketing department asked if they could confirm an appointment between him and the Chinese Commercial attache, instead of just putting it on his calendar without asking him, I went and asked him if it would be okay or would he rather keep his day free for his family who would be arriving that evening, and he looked at me like I am an imbecile and told me "boy you don't even know what is going on do you?" To which I replied "why has something changed?" To which he replied "She doesn't even know my wife isn't coming tonight!" (he directed this to the Deputy Director who was seated in front of his desk). To which I responded "why not?" , which he answered by explaining that there had been a problem with their second flight (Mechanical problem) and it had been grounded and they were going to spend the night at the airport Hotel and depart at 10 AM today. He then told me. "NO PROBLEM GO AHEAD AND BOOK THE COMMERCIAL ATTACHE, MY FAMILY WONT BE HERE TOMORROW."

  • I made a point of asking him to repeat the time (10 AM) and clarify what time zone he was referring to. He told me he meant 10 AM US eastern standard time - which is 7 PM our time. In other words he told me his wife would be departing from the US at 7PM our time today.

But, in spite of all of this, it is still my fault that he missed the chance to pick her up OR have a driver pick her up at 9 AM THIS MORNING!

So how did leaving at 7 PM this evening turn into arriving at 9 AM this morning? Good question. I don't have a God damned clue. But it is STILL ALL MY FAULT.

At about at about 9:30 this morning after calling Fatema and asking her if there were any company drivers currently in Dubai on an errand, he then called me to ask me to call Delta Airlines because "a family was coming in on a flight from Atlanta."

"Your family?" I asked. A response that was met with immediate sarcasm - as if I am the dolt who doesn't know how to say things in a direct fashion. Anyway, once it was established that it wasn't just any family but was in fact his family, he told me to ask Delta what time their flights from Atlanta were landing. I called and found out that they had two today - one that had already landed at 9 AM and one that would be landing around 8 PM. I called him back and told him this and asked him which one his wife was supposed to be on. He said he didn't know and to wait because he would call me back and tell me what to do. He then called Fatema and told her something which resulted in her immediately making another call as soon as she hung up, meanwhile he called me and asked me "so what have you done?"

"About what?"

"My family," he yells.

"Nothing, you told me to wait until you call me back"

He changed the subject

"Did Fatema find a car for them?"

"I don't know, she is on the phone right now with someone"

"Why don't you know?"

"Because she is on the phone and I have to wait for her to get off to find out what she has done."

"This is all your fault"


"Shut up, I don't want to hear your voice, you forgot to arrange for them to be picked up and I am really angry.."

Later after he arrived at the office, he called me in to berate me in front of the deputy director where he denied telling me that they were leaving at 10 AM US time and told me that all I do is "sit around on my butt all day doing nothing" that I should have known that he didn't really know what he was talking about and that I should have had the initiative to call Delta Airlines and ask them "what about the plane with the problem?"

Apparently it was also my fault that I didn't realize yesterday, after he vanished from the office and skipped his afternoon appointments that he need a driver to take him to the Hotel that is within 5 minutes walking distance of our office to an event where for some reason only he was not able to get valet parking (hence the monumental need for a driver).

It was also my fault that while Fatema was scrambling around looking for a last minute solution for a car to pick up his wife, she missed a call on her other line. Apparently I am somehow supposed to magically know when her other line is ringing and who is calling on it, even though her lines are in no way connected to mine.

And to conclude all of this, after telling us we had "better find a car" to take his wife to make up for the big mess we had made, he refused to give us her phone number so that we could give it to the driver so he could find her and meet her and never called us back when we asked how we were supposed to arrange for them to meet up.

His wife ended up taking a taxi, which is easy enough to do. I am sure he will tell her that it is ALL MY FAULT.


Empress Anisa said...

All I can really say is.... what an ass... but people like him who truly believe the world revolves around them, always need SOMEONE to blame- things could NEVER be their fault. Douche....

Sorry to hear you have to deal with such petty ignorance... keep your head up!

Ahavah said...

I had a boss like that once..... actually thinking about it... I have had MANY bosses like yours...

doesn't make for an easy life I think.

Lisa said...

Sounds very difficult in addition to all the other issues you are having with heartache right now. Love you, know we are here for you sister.

desertmonsoon said...

Empress, you took the words out of my mouth... :) I am so tired and stressed out lately thanks to crap like this - a constant stream of blame for various things out of my control. This is one reason I haven't been online and blogging too much lately. I go home and lay in my bed in a depressed nervous stupor..

Ahavah - yes unfortunately for me I have had more than one like him too. I pick real winners when it comes to bosses. And every time I quit a job to improve my situation I end up with something even more insane than before.

Lisa, thanks for your concern.

Pu├ža said...

I can't understand how this kind of people arrive far in life. It's amazing. Is the rest of the world's fault if things go wrong, if they go well, of course he's been in charge of planning it all.

desertmonsoon said...

I am currently reading "The Devil wears Prada" Anyone who has had an insane unreasonable boss should read it - not just see the movie - the book is better. I can really relate. Her boss was worse than mine, but then my job also doesn't come with the added perks of a free high fashion wardrobe, and invites to parties with Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt (oh how I wish it did) Nor does it hold a promise of bigger and better things after only one year - so in those aspects it is worse. And some of the things sound very familiar - especially the being blamed for things that aren't one's fault, and the vague directions or confusing instructions, the sarcasm and belittling comments as well...

Puca, unfortunately, they are the kind of people who seem to succeed most often, I think they just terrify all normal people around them into some kind of submission.