Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Great way to end a week and six very good reasons why I should not have bothered to come to work today.

I had an absolutely splendid weekend.

That was sarcastic, it was actually pretty dull, except for some drama and a bit of blood and gore on Friday evening.

On Friday morning I drove to Oman. That went fine, no holiday this weekend so the border was pretty much empty. Only snag was when the Omani Immigration official somehow didn't notice my UAE visa and tried to charge me 60 dirhams, oh, and when a goat just stood there in the middle of the road in front of my car refusing to let me pass through the checkpoint gate. The goats, who hang out at the border (such a happening place) are used to cars honking at them, which means they are aren't bothered by the sound of honking at all. Coming back, the drive was fine, thankfully, I didn't almost plow down any Pakistanis this time - I was a little later than last time, so I think I missed the after-prayers road-side assembly.

I stopped at McDonalds and got food for the kids and the maid - myself too if you count a salad as food. My maid told me she wanted to go see her sister in Dubai and would come back on Saturday.

In the evening I took my kids to see the Star Trek Movie, which rekindled my childhood crush on Spock, though I have to admit I found the bad guy attractive too - then I remembered that Romulins (don't know if I spelled that right) and Vulcans are supposed to be related to each other. Also, though I didn't realize it at the time - what with the shaved head and the pointing eyebrows - the Bad Guy was played by Eric Bana, so I think that is reason enough to find him attractive. Spock's father also looked familiar but I just couldn't place him... now I realize that he is Ben Cross - (Harold Abrams - Chariots of Fire and the vampire, Barnabas - Dark Shadows).

When I got home, the kids started their usual rough play and were taking fly leaps from my bed straight at my wardrobe. When they do this, as they crash into it, just barely managing to grab the top edge, and then pull themselves and scramble up to the top, where they proceed to take flying leaps off onto my bed. Of course, this elicited yells and threats from me, so they settled for just wrestling on my bed, which ended up with Little Guy hitting his head against the night stand and howling. Salman looking guilty immediately started with the "well, he was on top of me and I was just trying to get him off"

I put my hand on his head and it felt wet so it was bleeding. I showed Salman, and he looked quite alarmed. "I didn't push him THAT hard!" he said. "Then why is his head bleeding?" At this point at the mention of blood Little Guy started to howl even louder. I took him to the bathroom to hose off his head so I could see the cut and if it required a trip to the ER - which I was praying it would not (though I know it sounds like great fun, a trip to the ER at 9:30 PM was not something I was looking forward to). When Little Guy saw the bloody water washing off of his head he wailed "Now you have killed me Salman! Salman is a KILLER!" and the howled in anguish some more. The cut wasn't the smallest one, but it wasn't quite what I thought needed stitches and the bleeding seemed to subside a bit after I washed it. So I put a towel on his head and said we would wait a little bit and see. Salman was crying at this point. I could tell he felt really bad, so I told him that if he wanted to help out he could go get ice from the outside freezer and put it in a plastic bag and hold it on his brother's head. Fortunately, there wasn't too much blood after that, so a trip to the ER for stitches was not required and Salman spent the rest of the evening trying to take care of his little brother.

Then we just sat quietly in my bed and watched Survivor Tocantins until we fell asleep. Finally they voted that weirdo "Coach" out. He didn't see it coming, of course, and referred to Stephen the geeky (but clever) Jewish guy as an "evil wizard" for voting against him.

The next day the only "big thing" we did was give the dog a bath. He didn't want one, so we had to drag him over to the hose, but once we got started he didn't fight too much. Of course he did do the doggy shake a couple of times and spray doggy water all over me - yay! Now he looks extra fluffy and smells nice too.

Now it's back to work, and I can't say it has started on the greatest note. I hope this isn't an indication of how "great' the rest of the week is going to be.

First I have big zit under my lip. It looks horrible and concealer doesn't really conceal anything.

Second, the driver showed up early and started honking wildly. That always makes me nervous; so I was rushing around to get out the door and forgot to pack myself something to eat for a snack or for lunch

Third, I could only find one of the pair of shoes I had planned to wear so I was forced to wear a pair that looks absolutely stupid with what I am wearing because I did not have any time to change into a different outfit. At times like this I can see the appeal of wearing an Abaya.

Fourth, I got in to work only to discover my desk covered in dirty water dripping from the A/C on the wall above my desk. This is the same A/C that drips water EVERY TIME IT IS TURNED ON and has been doing so for the almost one year I have worked here. In spite of the fact that the office has central A/C and this unit is not necessary - unless the central A/C is off - someone keeps turning the d*** thing on so I come and find my papers in my out tray and in tray covered with brown splotchy water stains and the carpet around my desk soaked so I then have to keep my purse and lap top bag on my desk all day and have no room to do anything else.

I have complained about this A/C repeatedly and the facility (maintenance) department always sends someone to "fix" it. Which for them just means sending one guy who stands there for a minute switching it on and off a couple of times and pressing some buttons and then leaving it telling me it will be "OK" now and then sending another guy about 10 minutes later when I call again because it has started spraying dirty water on my head. The second guy will watch it drip scratch his head, push a few more buttons and then switch it off again and tell me that it is dripping because ice built up inside, as if that is some sort of "excuse". I don't think they actually ever fix it, because it does the same thing every time it is switched on, unless they think turning it off = fixing it. In which case, I should be promoted to head technician since I can take those technical skills one step further and propose that we NEVER SWITCH IT ON to begin with. I don't know who keeps using it, but I swear if I ever find out, they are going to find me sitting at their desk when they come in next time.

I am beginning to understand why my boss says I need to stop being nice to people and should raise my voice more. Because, today I lost it, and for the first time, the technician who came said something different than what they usually say: "maybe we should remove this A/C"

Really you think so?!!

Hallelujah, finally! At last we are getting somewhere! Of course, I know that is is only the first baby step in what is sure to be a long and tedious process of me nagging them and reminding them to remove / replace it, which will probably involve:

More than one passive agressive email from me clearly and firmly stating the problem, then sarcastically refering to how "i know how busy they have been for the past year" and hinting at their incompetence, then descending into whining, and finishing off by an apologetic, thanks for your assistance and sorry for nagging so much, which I will throw in after I start to worry that maybe I sound too bitchy, and if I do, the next time the water pump shorts out at my home, the maintenance staff wont be so eager to assist me.

Several phone calls where I berate the helpless operations department receptionist and make her listen to all of my problems, which again will end with me suddenly feeling guilty, apologizing for getting too worked up, and thanking her for helping me.

Finally losing it at least one more time

Fifth, since my day was already going so well, I found out someone had also messed with the power supply so my printer was off and I could not plug in my lap top, so I also had a temper tantrum about that, and FINALLY someone agreed to replace the long white thing with multiple sockets in it (I can't remember the word for it at the moment).

Sixth, the icing on my cake, the IT department came and asked me to give them my "old computer"
"Excuse me, you mean the one I am using right now?"
"no the one you were carrying around"
"you took the one I was carrying around last week"
"no, we have the new one"
"that is the one I was carrying around"
"well we need your old one"
"well then I need the new one back"
"you will get it back"
"this evening"
"then you can have this one this evening"
"but we need to do a backup"
"then what am I supposed to use all day?" .... silence


Pu├ža said...

Smart guys, couln't they think of making the back up after you leave in the afternoon and give you back the laptop next morning? Is what our computer department does here.

Misfit Hausfrau said...

Can't help you with the annoying office events and IT issues, but I think I can help you with that zit. One of my roomates at IU (Indiana University)taught me to put a dab of toothpaste on it before bedtime (not the gel kind). It usually dries it right up.

Nice to remember SOMETHING from college. Sad.

Anonymous said...

your blog is very good

Jaz said...

I loved this post, your children sound charming even with the bloody/gory situation lol how are you getting on with the new dog?
The goats hang about at the border? That's pretty funny, I really want to visit the Emirates someday and see what it's like.
The guys at your work sound like they have a few screws loose!

desertmonsoon said...

I am sure they thought of it, but since THEY don't want to work over time they would much rather inconvenience me.
They never did pick it up in the afternoon, I even called them and they ignored my calls.

Toothpaste is just miraculous isn't it? Aside from the zit cure, do you know that it instantly takes the pain away from burns? The same kind (non gel). It really is wonderful. All those years of suffering through burns when what i needed was sitting up in my bathroom.

If you ever burn yourself, just take a hefty amount of plain white toothpaste (like Colgate) and slather it on the burn area - pain disappears and does not return (of course if you have chargrilled yourself this will not work, this is for your normal run of the mill oops I burnt myself with a curling iron burn)
Jennifer - thanks

Thanks, I think they are adorable but I am kind of biased :)

We are getting along great with the dog. He loves me because he knows I am the one who takes him for long walks and lets him pee on every tree he sees. Salman isn't allowed to wander too far from the house, so they can only go on short walks in the field across of us. So when Max sees that I am coming along he gets really excited.

Yes the goats like the border for some reason. They just kind of wander around, stare at people, get in the way of cars - i don't know why they like it there so much.

I think lazy and unmotivated is the best way to describe many people I work with :) Apparently me flipping out is motivating. I always thought being nice to people was more motivating but I should know by now that is not the way things work here.

Jaz said...

The dog sounds so sweet :) And glad you've found a way to "motivate" hahaha.

Toothpaste IS miraculous I have to agree.

Ahavah said...

lol! you are possilby 'awesome' when ticked off.... 'awesome' moves mountains....

(note to self - must include 100 tubes of Colgate into 'TEOTWHN' stocks)

The new Star Trek is just awesome... we are currently watching the very first series with the original happy sigh (and most divine) Mr Spock... and I will confess to a)being able to do raise the eyebrow thing (it used to really, really do MY mothers head in).. and b) the vulcan hand greeting....

desertmonsoon said...

I can't do the Vulcan greeting with my right hand (sadly) but neither can the new guy who plays Spock, I read he had to glue his fingers together for that scene.

After the movie we went to Chilies and while we were waiting for our food were attempting to do the greeting. I have a retarded right hand (my left hand can do it) and my children have inherited it.

Ahavah said...

yep I read that too..... maybe you should take a leaf out of his book and glue your fingers together...

could prove an interesting distraction whilst using your keyboard...


.... oh yes... a smilie with a raised eyebrow.... neat!

desertmonsoon said...

by the way, was there any romance or implied romance between spock and Uhura in the original Star Trek?

Ahavah said...

nope - however there was ONE scene, a tiny two lines between them that definately could have sparked the idea of an Uhura-Spock romance in the new film....

The nurse Christine also had the hots for Spock - yuk disgusting....

desertmonsoon said...

I don't remember the nurse Christine

what scene between Spock and Uhura are you referring to?