Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And the descent into hell continues....

Today I got great news. My coworker - the one who handles the Arabic stuff / protocol / etc. has resigned with no notice. Well actually she sort of did give notice. She told them several months ago that she wanted to be transferred to a different department or she would resign. They didn't take her too seriously. Partly because they were under the incorrect assumption that she needed the job. I warned them that she was not happy and they had the nerve to blame me for that (yeah... I am the one who blames people for things that aren't their fault, has no respect for other people's time and makes unreasonable demands).

Anyway the HR was taking their sweet time finding a replacement, partly because our bosses are demanding that we have someone a) Local b) with very very good Arabic to English / English to Arabic Translation skills c)a personality like a bulldozer (because Fatema and I are "too nice" and that's why the office is such a stressful place to work d) stellar Arabic letter writing skills (which I have come to understand is not so easy to find) e) willing to take a crappy salary and work like a slave. Basically, such a person doesn't exist, especially not in this town.

For one thing, most locals wont work a minute past official working hours, and many don't work even that long - especially not in government organizations. Also, finding a local with stellar English is very difficult. Fatema's abilities are, quite frankly, amazing. But of course they never fully appreciated her.

We found one girl, her English was better than average, as were her translation skills, she was hard-working and prompt but "her personality wasn't strong enough" (like mine and Fatema's) so the deputy squashed that, now another department has taken her.

Funny how they say my personality isn't strong, and yet I am one of the only people working here who has had the nerve to tell the boss that yelling does not contribute to a productive "professional" working environment and that it is demotivating.

Speaking of yelling, he called me this morning and told me that he left his car at work and he needed the driver to come get him. I asked him where the key is, and he said with "H" (the driver usually assigned to him). I called H and his mobile was off. I called the tranportation coordinator, and he told me that H hadn't come into work yet today. I called my boss back to tell him that H was unreachable at the moment and could someone would pick him up in a regular company car. He screamed at me "what's wrong with you! The key is with the security!"

Anyway, with her gone, I will have twice the work and no way to deal with any Arabic Correspondence. Since I already leave around 7:30 - 8 PM, maybe I should just set up my bed here behind my desk and ship my kids off to my mother since they will never see me again.


Ahavah said...

ahh since we are in for the long haul with the smuck (English pronouncement) :0D should I send over flask of coffee and scones?

desertmonsoon said...

yes please :( i need them for the pity party i am having for myself

Ahavah said...

I posted them to you today... :0D

Lisa said...

And what is it like in terms of babysitters for the boys? Are they trust-worthy?

That is such a long day sweetie for all of you. I can only imagine how it makes you hate the husband all the more. Do you at least work a normal 40 hours and have Sat/Sun off? And get overtime?

Ugh..I wish there was some way to force him to pay child support! Does he not have the right to see them since he refuses?

Inshallah, the boss will see the error of his ways with this co-worker quitting and be more respectful. Inshallah....Thinking of you lots dear. Hope that things get better there, and sorry I'm late seeing this post.

desertmonsoon said...

I have a maid at home, she is ok, but her English is almost non-existent. But she cooks them lunch and is there with them when I am not at home. Salman is 11 now so he doesn't need much watching and the little one is always with him, so they just tell her if they need something. Also "A" does things with them sometimes.

Yes my life and the stress does make me hate my husband even more. He lives in Nairobi and he hasn't seen them in almost 4 years now and doesn't really seem all the bothered to see them. He hasn't called since February when he called for Salman's birthday. He called once, and I missed it and he didn't try again - I think he was hoping I would call back so I could pay for the bill. So he didn't actually speak to him them. I can't remember the last time he spoke to them.

I work about 50- 60 hours a week and get paid no over time. We get Friday and Saturday off.