Monday, June 29, 2009

I hate my life sometimes

The official working hours of the company for which I am working are 8 AM - 4 PM, which means I usually get to go home at 7 PM or even 8 or 9 PM if I am extra lucky.

Since I am staying late and not getting paid overtime, you would think the company and / or my boss would be just a bit grateful. No such luck of course.

On Sunday, my boss called my mobile at almost 7 PM. I was still in the office, but I was over in another section talking to the unfortunate PR officer. Anyway, I heard my mobile ring once and then go silent, so I figured that whoever was calling me didn't have anything terribly urgent to tell me if they let it hang up after 1 or two rings. Anyway, after finishing my conversation about 2 minutes later, I returned to my desk, saw it was my boss who had called and called him back.

"It takes you this long to answer my CALL?!" he shouted into the phone. I hate people who shout into the phone for no good reason. The shouting makes them harder to understand and it just hurts my ear - especially since I always hold the phone to my left ear and loud noises feel like they are stabbing it ever since my ear drum broke when a certain jerk broke it by slapping me up-side my head.

I told him, "It is after hours. I left my mobile on my desk for a couple minutes, and I called you back as soon as I saw your missed call" I was really pissed off, still am when I think about it. Who the hell is he to scream at me and for that?! It was 3 hours in to MY time and I was still at the office, he should have been thankful for that. Secondly it is fucking rude to ask that, since he has no idea what I was doing. I mean I could have been in the toilet for all he knows. Does he want me to answer him on the spot when I am in the middle of taking a dump or a shower. He had no right to assume that I would be in the office at that time anyway so I could have been doing just that or any other number of things that would have prevented me from answering him right away.

Then again yesterday, I was in the office trying to finish up my work, and he had told me to remind him in the evening to call his Bank in the US as he was having some problem with an account. So, as usual, in the evening he was in the middle of one of his 3 to 6 hour arguments with the Deputy Director and I wanted to go; I just needed to remind him before I went. So I went and told him to remember to call his bank - actually I figured he wouldn't do it, so I planned to also send him an SMS shortly after that reminding him again. Anyway, he just kind of looked at me and then carried on again with his argument in Arabic. So I turned to go out of his office.
"Wait a minute!" he shouted "where do you think you are going?" (HOME! it is fucking 7 o' clock - is what I wanted to say). I told him "I am going back to my desk to finish up, I don't understand Arabic and I don't feel like sitting here for three hours while you two continue your conversation in a language I don't understand"

"What do you have against Arabic?" He asked. (What kind of stupid question is that?, I thought)
Nothing, but it is boring and unproductive to sit and listen to a never ending conversation in a language I don't understand. If you want me to be present for this conversation for some reason, then the two of you should speak in English, otherwise I don't get anything out of it and I am wasting my time."

"It's not for you to decide your time is being wasted!"


My boss normally comes into the office about an hour or two later than I do and the Deputy comes in after noon. Then my boss goes home again for lunch for a couple of hours and comes in nice and fresh after 4 just when I am hoping I can go home and traps me for several more hours.

I don't even get a lunch break and if he catches me trying to eat something quickly at my desk he makes a snide remark. And then they act like I am lazy when I want to go home in the evening 3 hours after all their other employees have left.

I think it is inconsiderate that just because someone doesn't want to be here during the full normal working hours, they expect other people who have been here the whole time to sit around and wait for them.

The best part of this is I get the worst performance appraisals ever according to grading he gives me I am jut shy of being a completely useless imbecile and because it is so low, it means that I don't qualify for any kind of increment.

There are times I just want to explode and scream back and tell him off for the way he treats / talks to me.


Ahavah said...

and you are STILL working for this SMUCK ... why?

desertmonsoon said...

Because there is a global recession and because I married a schmuck who abandoned our kids so I have to work for their sake :(

Pu├ža said...

There are some bosses unable to see what people do for their company, and that think that because they pay you, they own you. I had one that called me at 11pm everyday. And all those extra hours never paid!!! Si recession is in part guilty of having to be under some people that does not deserve any respect.

uae fan said...

Ohh sister i feel so sad when i read ur post :( al 7amdulella i can say for all Gos has given me in my life ! There is a point in our lives when we just realise the blessings frm God only when we see other people's troubles...
My advise to u sis , is that u must be patient and try in the near future changing ur life, by changing ur job inshalla.
Wish u luck for u and ur kids

Misfit Hausfrau said...

Wow. How long before you are able to divorce the schmuck? Would you ever be able to go back to the US?

desertmonsoon said...

Yes, there are many bosses like that - I read yesterday that many companies, when looking for management personnel often screen for traits that are common in psycho/sociopathic personalities (isn't that nice!)

UAE Fan, thanks for your kind words

Misfit Hausfrau,

I am working on the divorce from the schmuck, but even if I get it, it is highly unlikely he will ever pay any kind of alimony or child support - after all for the past four years he hasn't given us anything.

As for the US, as long as the economy sucks I doubt it. People who are there are having trouble finding work, I don't think I could find a job so easily.

Lisa said...

God it's like a freaking sweatshop over there! Now you know why I'm instantly annoyed by some Arab male business owners sweetie. I just think he tells himself that there are no limits with you because you are American.

And because you need this job for the boys. And he knows it. You give him an inch, and he takes a mile.

I wish I could say it's better over here, but it's even hard to find something at the local grocery store.

I wish that somehow you could work with all-females, perhaps at a school....

He doesn't sound very different than our husbands, and at least with our husbands there was glimpses of love every now and then. Ugh. Love you so much, hope you find something better soon habibty.

nanusa said...

gosh...that is crazy...u should try putting your cv out and start loooking..u never know

desertmonsoon said...

Actually English and American employees normally get taken advantage of less than others do but I am an exception because my employers always know I need my job because of my kids.

I wish more than anything that I just had that simple masters in teaching - a lot of the private schools pay well here and teachers don't have any issues about sponsoring their kids either.

Yes I did notice that similarity as well... abusive personality.

nanusa, yeah I know i need to, but I never get around to updating it. After getting home from work I have to take my dog for a walk and then it is pretty much bed time again for me ...

American Muslima Writer said...

UGH! Now that you're not officailly working there anymore I'd totally explode in front of the whole company and really make him poop his pants in shame.

THen never be seen from again.

Of course make sure you have completed all business with him lol.

desertmonsoon said...

American Muslimah,

Oh,, i have lots of things planned for him once i get my final payment ... don't you worry - and I would love it if I actually could make him poop in his pants :)))) i am laughing just imagining it.