Monday, June 22, 2009

I've been tagged - lists of 8

Well, Puca tagged me so, here are my lists of 8 things...

8 things I am looking forward to:

1. Getting a divorce

2. Losing 9 more pounds

3.The weekend (every weekend)

4. Eating something other than boiled chicken breast

5. Sleeping

6. Getting my old a** back

7. Maybe going home this summer

8. Hugs from my babies

8 things I wish I could do:

1. Own a vacation home in Zanzibar

2. Live and run an orphanage in the Kenyan highlands

3. Learn to play the violin

4. Write a best selling novel - or just a book for starters

5. Have a baby girl (or even another baby boy - at least one more baby)

6. Find true love

7. Stay home with my boys and teach them many things

8. Make my husband pay child support and alimony

8 things I love:

1. My family & friends

2. Chocolate Milk

3. Lemon Pies / tarts / filled donuts

4. Reading

5. Painting

6. Africa!

7. Exercising (but at my old gym - I miss it :( )

8. Dancing

8 things I did yesterday:

1. Went to work - blah

2. Uploaded pictures to Facebook

3. Checked my Farm (on Farmtown - I am such a dork) and Chatted with my mom on Facebook

4. Took Max for a walk.

5. Did 1/2 an hour on my Exercise machine.

6. Had a bucket bath because the water went out just as I was finished exercising.

7. Watched Candy Girls and wondered if any of these reality shows are for real

8. Made Chocolate Milk with chocolate whipped cream on top for my boys :)

8 Shows I watch:

1. CSI - love crime solving shows

2. House - love how mean House is

3. Criminal Minds - same as number 1

4. Keeping up with the Kardashians - because it is so satisfyingly trashy

5. 10 years younger - because I like to imagine that there is hope for me yet

6. Dr 90210 - because it fascinates me

7. Grey's Anatomy - because I wish I had got that medical degree and married a hunky doctor

8. Candy Girls - because cat fights are always good fun!

I don't have 8 people to tag :( but I tag:
Empress Anisa (if she finds time)
Ahavah (if they read this and happen to see that they are tagged)


Empress Anisa said...

Aha! Just had a sec to sit down and read ur post! I like your lists... u funny gal.
I'm lovin that FB "Angelina Jolie" profile pic you got going on.... very alluring....

Yeah, I will respond to your tag (thanks) after, salaat, taking Little Papi to the doc, the cook comes and leaves, the handyman comes in and give me some prices, the other handyman finish up some work, paying my bills online, go to the store to pick up some misc things, calling the hubby in NYC... and all within the next 4-5 hours!!! lol I wanna take the kids for a Nile boat ride before it gets dark.....

Lisa said...

Thank you fro the tag sweetie. I actually really like this tag and am excited about it! I'll do it sometime this week.

"Have a baby girl (or even another baby boy - at least one more baby)"

I'm making dua for you on this and also on #8 getting hubby to pay child support. And #1 a vacay home in Zanzibar. Why there sweetie, I'm unfamiliar? I also want you to have that dream of being home come true and finding true love. I truly believe it will happen for you. Love you so much!

Ahavah said...

hey! what's this tagging thing?

Just got back from long weekend away at Grans... lots of hot baths and too much food.

Pu├ža said...


… About the chicken stuff…I guess is the easiest you can acknowledge soon … Ahhhh weekend yes I understand that one…

Zanzibar..I’ve heard about it, you've to show any picture so I can have a better idea... :0)

Make your husband pay child support and alimony..may take time but will arrive!!!

And the shows…the first two are like my first two… so we have a loooot in common hahah

And you see you're the cool kid in class, you've had great answers to tagging!!

desertmonsoon said...

Wow, most of you that I tagged have read it :) I am so happy.

Lisa and Puca, if you are curious about Zanzibar One of my earlier posts has a couple photos and I will try to put more on another post soon. I lived there for two years at the beginning of my marriage, only time i was (or thought I was) really happy. Also it is the birthplace of Freddie Mercury (Queen) :)

And it is where David Livingstone first started to make a stand against the slave trade as well - after seeing the horrors of the slave market there. Plus the name - I mean I just loved telling people I live in Zanzibar :)

Ahavah - well the tagging just means now you post your lists of 8 on your blog (if you want)
Wow Empress, I know you are very very busy these days, god bless you, I am happy to hear from you. I hope you are doing well.

About the alimony and child support - I don't think it will ever happen. he lives in Nairobi and I live in Dubai, the Kenyan govt. isn't exactly efficient and they have bigger fish to fry than dead beat dads I am afraid..

Ahavah said...

wow! a link back to my blog! Did you like my list? Found a real cute pic of whales too... :0D am happy bunny...

Can you do a belated tag? Tag Amber at Little Steps Home

Amber is one amazing lady.... :0D

desertmonsoon said...

Ok I tag Amber, but you can tag her too... (you don't really have to do only 8 :) - I did only 4 because I was tired when I did mine and my mind blanked out and could only think of the people who comment here most regularly