Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just another day at the movies...

What is it with the rude people here who go movie theaters only to talk on their phones, talk to to each other, switch seats twenty times, yell, let their kids run up and down the aisles, and throw food all over their seats and the floor?

Yesterday, I went with one of my coworkers and my kids to see the latest Harry Potter movie at the mall here. Unlike Dubai, there is only one mall with one movie theater in it. In Dubai I used to go see movies at the theater in the Mercato mall because it was less busy than other theaters. But here I have no choice.

Harry Potter was showing in the large theater with a balcony. I picked seats down because less people sit down, but since this was such a popular movie, there were plenty of people down too.

There was a bit of shuffling around as people got settled into their seats, but it was about half way into the movie that all hell seemed to break lose. One local guy suddenly decided to switch to the seat in front of us and then get up from there about 5 times. Further down his row, a man and his wife were talking on the respective cells phones loudly. A group of obese children started running up and down the aisles yelling and a whole large row of people got up and moved.

I started to get really annoyed, but there wasn't much I could do because my little one had fallen asleep on my lap and I couldn't really move. My coworker shouted "can you shut your children up" to the aisle of noisy kids next to us, and I tried to kick at the seat of the man blabbing away on his cell phone but he was too far over.

When the movie was over and the lights came on, I looked at the aisle where the family with the obese children had been sitting. It literally looked like some animals had got loose in there; the entire aisle was covered with smashed popcorn and nachos and spilled sodas.

The movie was good - as they always are - but the experience was really ruined by the ignorant crowd with which I watched it.


Yasemin said...

SubhanAllah you would never see anything like that here in America you know! I mean it an be crazy sometimes, like when I took Yousef to see Up. There was a packed theater and these two tweens st together IN ONE CHAIR next to us. Ugh. But, nothing like this! I guess if there's a Blockbuster, that would be my future limit to watching movies in Dubai. Love you SO SO much sweetie, I came on after Pixie told me the other day and just cried. Just really cried for you.

desertmonsoon said...

yeah, I took them to the movies again - it was a bit better this time - but there were the kids roaming the aisles as usual! but really often times it is the adults who are the worst! Once a guy sat next to me and started watching videos on his phone with the volume on! I was so annoyed. Finally I told him "Do you miND?" at least he looked embarrassed and apologized though.