Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Missing Dog - Max is gone :(

Well, as if I didn't have enough to deal with at the moment. My dog Max is missing - either someone stole him or he is dead somewhere.

I got a nasty message from some anonymous freak earlier - who flipped out at me for saying that it bothered me that my maid was chatting on the phone with local boys and I find her a little strange. Apparently the ranting anonymous knows SO much more about my maid and my life than I do.

So, for my anonymous "fan" (ha!), if you read this, you are going to love this one, I wonder what you will write in response. My maid let the dog out of the courtyard and into the street. I have a feeling she did it on purpose, because she is incredibly stubborn and thinks she knows everything better than I do, but she might have done it on accident (when taking out the trash) - whatever the case, either way I am pretty sure she knew what she had done and instead of letting us know, she went and took and nap and then two hours later "innocently" alerted us to the fact that he was missing.

I got home at around 5. Max was in the hallway of the house as he always is during daylight hours because his fur is too thick, and I am afraid he will get overheated. We have a tall wall around the house and big black iron gate, so there is no way for him to get out of the house unless someone opens the door to the house and then opens the gate. as well He can't do either of these things himself as he lacks the necessary appendages. The last time I saw Max, he was lying in the hallway staring at me as helped myself to a mouthful of chocolate whipped cream. Then I went into my bedroom with my boys. They were with me the whole time, so I know they are not responsible for letting him out.

Next thing I knew, I was getting ready to take Max for his evening walk, and he wasn't anywhere to be found. Of course the maid, did the usual - blame the kids routine - she lies a lot and blames the kids for it. Like the time she called Ethiopia from my phone - she said my six year old did it. That was just plain stupid for her to even try to convince me that it was him. As if I can't tell who is responsible - the six year old boy or the ETHIOPIAN adult. I was more mad about her lying than I was about her making the phone call. Best part of it all was that she had a received call from the SAME number on her mobile phone.

Now there are a couple of reasons why I am certain it was the maid who let (threw) Max out. The first one being that kids were with me, so there is no way they could have done it. The second being that she has tried to do it before because she stubbornly insisted that he would come back on his own, and I had told her not to do it several times. The third one being that Max hates going out in the heat and only goes out if someone deliberately makes him go out / or takes him out for a walk. Even if he is not on his leash and the gate is open he doesn't go outside unless someone makes him do it. And the fourth one being that when The kids and I went out to run look for him, she suggested we look in certain direction - one that would have actually been the last place I would assume he would have gone (I was looking behind our street in the neighborhood where we usually walk him.) But lo and behold, after not finding him anywhere behind the house, we went in the direction she said and we asked one of the shop people if they saw him and they said they had seen him walking that way a couple hours before. So I think she let him out - maybe even took him out on his leash and then loosed him, saw which way he went, took her nap, and when she woke up, was surprised to see that he hadn't returned on his own and then tried to cover her ass.

But it's not like I am stupid. because, unless we have a ghost in the house who can open the doors, she did it, there really isn't any other explanation. Plus now she is walking around looking guilty - I don't think she meant to harm him; she just thought she knew that he would come back
We looked everywhere we could thnk of for him and asked people we saw on the road, but aside from the shop attendant, none of the people we spoke to had seen him. I hoped that he would wander back at night, but he never came. I am so worried about him. I hope he didn't get hit by a car. I wonder if he is out there somewhere and is hot and hungry and doesn't have water. I couldn't sleep half the night, and then when I did, I dreamt that I was looking for him and I found him and I was so happy, and then I woke up. He really was the sweetest dog, and I miss him terribly.

Salman is really upset, and he was more upset when the maid tried to accuse him of doing it...

I hope someone found Max and is taking good care of him. One thing that makes me feel better is that I know he is a beautiful dog and that people used to stop and ask me for what amount I would sell him. I hope one of them found him.

If anyone reading this lives in Ras Al Khaimah and has seen him, please let me know... you can see his photograph in my earlier post "Max and me."


*~Ange~* said...

oh feel for you on this one. poor doggy. if he went out by himself, im sure he will come back - dogs usually do after they get bored exploring. hope he comes back.

desertmonsoon said...

Thanks ange, I hope so too. I am just really worried about him in this heat - with that fur of his I think he can get dehydrated and overheated quickly. and it has been almost one full day now that he has been gone.

Aalia of Abu Dhabi said...

Awwww, poor Max!! I hope y'all find him or he comes back!! OMG I laughed at the part where ur maid tried to blame ur son for calling Ethiopia!! What a weirdo :/

Pu├ža said...

The first thing I would do is fire her. Someone that does not understand what a dog means can not work in a house where there's a dog. We had a maid that used to hit our dog. The day we realized we fired her.

And if it's not for that reason just being a compulsive liar is enough important reason to fire her.

I feel very sorry because I do understand what you're going through. I really hope there's a iracle and you'll be able to find him. If not, just try to think he's probably in a nice place.

sorry, I'm so upset with your maid for that situation :0(

And this "fan"...crazy hhaha anyone that needs to hide... can he/she be your maid from a friend phone?

Tuttie said...

Oh. Poor baby. That's just wrong. Wrong on so many levels. To accuse a little kid of hurting his beloved pet is low. I have no confidence in your maid. I think there are enough honest people that need a job and I would rather hire them. If she is guilty of this and just because you caught her, I would be wondering what else is she doing that she is getting away with?

I hope you find your dog soon. People really underestimate how much or furry friends mean to us.

umzacharia said...

Insha Allah, you find your dog soon. Ironically, We just had a similar situation with our cat....lost only........not let out by an evil maid. Alhumdulillah, after 3 days he came home.

Oh, and by the way, why is this "maid" still in your home??? If she was in mine and pulled such crap she would have been history a long time ago

Anonymous said...

I would personally fire the maid.
I hope your dog is okay, I know they have an exception sense of direction, and don't get lost easily. Maybe someone just took him in for a bit, I hope so anyway...

NeenahPete said...

I just read your post with Max's picture: http://desert-monsoon.blogspot.com/2009/05/max-and-me.html

I sure hope he finds his way home one way or another. Good luck!

eyes serene said...

Oh, this is terrible news. I really hope he's okay and being cared for. I hope he is reunited with your family one day, and soon! I would kick the maid out the back door and LET HER GET LOST! I'm fuming on your behalf! (Grown adults blaming kids for their misdeeds is so low!)

Anonymous said...

You are pissed because I called you out on your shit.
Believe I am no fan of yours, I see right through your type. You are like the many foreigners who move to Arab countries- couldn’t afford a maid before you moved here and now that you do, you think you are superior … after all you have to dumb it down to your maid by talking in “maid speak”.

You take out your frustrations on someone you consider beneath you; you write condescending posts about someone you know will never read them or have the opportunity to defend themselves against your accusations. It’s all together laughable that you’re annoyed by my posting my comments anonymously, when it’s you who hides like a coward behind your blogs and trash your maid. I posted my comment a month ago the fact that you have followed up on my comments on two separate occasions proves that I have touched a nerve- you can’t handle criticism, because you always have to be right and if that fails then have to be the victim, because God forbid we see right through your facade.

Furthermore, if your maid is as bad as you claim she is why you don’t just fire her already? But I guess she can’t be that bad since she is still around...which really makes me questions your story all together.

desertmonsoon said...

For all of you who were concerned about Max - thanks, I found him! Actually a British Family found him and took very good care of him. They were looking for his owners and then "A" was coming to pick us up - and saw the British man taking him for a walk and stopped and told him which house he belongs to. :) I was so happy to see him, the maid looked happy too and relieved, like I said, I don't think she meant for him to get lost or to do him harm, she just thought he would be able to come back on his own. Yes she does lie, but again I think she gets scared, of what I don't know... but since she started working for us she seemed scared - so maybe she had a job before (I didn't ask the agency) where she was mistreated. I try to give people more than one chance - I haven't seen her physically hurt the dog and she looked like she felt really bad when she realized he wasn't coming back on his own. I was still upset, (hence my venting here) but she doesn't seem like a malicious person - just a bit odd and very stubborn and scared - maybe the language barrier makes life more confusing and therefore scarier.

Anonymous - like I said before, you know so much more about my life than I do and of course it was the 6 year old who called Ethiopia! That makes so much more sense doesn't it? :)

You are not a fan - oh that wounds me deeply - I think I will go cry now. But the fact that you obviously read my blog regularly and lurk there just waiting to pounce on something is hilarious... Anyway, I guess the world and especially the internet wouldn't be complete without its dose of self righteous nut jobs

Yasemin said...

Ahhhh! Everything that could go wrong would go wrong. Can this good for nothing maid put up some flyers at least so you can focus on the job stuff?

Inshallah he is fine and someone is feeding him, I am praying! Love you for the sake of Allah and so hopeful about the Abu Dhabi job.

Yasemin said...

And to Anonymous,

Get a freakin' life! Stop letting your panties give you wedgies and leave poor Desert alone.

She has the right to be angry at poor service, just like you have the right to take your troll eyes off this page and onto someone else's.

She's been through so much and you have no right to abuse her. My eyes are freakin burning with tears, you make me so angry. Scoot on out of here sweetie!

I'm SO glad you found her Desert, sorry for not seeing that part. Love you lots.

Anonymous said...

@Desert Monsoon
Self righteous nut – is that the best you could come up with? You just don’t get it, so keep doing what you’re doing.

@ Yasemin aka Lisa - Rabi Yahdiki
One minute a Christian - the next minute a Muslim, and back and forth again - what a wishy washy looser. Instead of concerning your self with a missing pet why don’t you tie that straying dog of a husband of yours to a bed post or better yet leave him…oops my bad that’s how you get hits on your blog by crying victim (what a drama queen).
Your child like comments don’t bother me, but what I find concerning is that you post your child’s pictures online making him identifiable and perhaps opening him up to malicious ridicule and teasing once someone who knows him or you stumbles on your blog and discovers the messy details of your life; the other sad thing is that when he grows up he will be exposed to all the disturbing details of his father’s perversions which you put out on the web for all to witness, and after all this you have the nerve to accuse me of abusive behavior.

desertmonsoon said...


well of course YOU don't think you are sick. I wouldn't expect YOU to see what is so clear to everyone else.

ultrajones said...

This sucks. Sorry. I hope you find him soon. It reminds me of a personal story.

My room mate had a new dog, just barely a year old or so. Sweet dog. This "friend" was at the house, there were always all sorts of people in and out of that house because we were living in a college town and our house had a reputation as a party house, but we always took care of our pets.

Well, to shorten the story, this IDIOT let the dog out. He didn't live there, he was only there a couple times before that and his reason when we asked him was "I didn't know that the dog wasn't supposed to go out" WTF????@!!!!!!

Ummmm DUH, if you don't KNOW whether or not a dog is allowed out you DO NOT let him out!!! NOT the other way around. WOW, some people really truly suck.

BTW... read further and glad to hear you found Max. The puppy in my story was never found.