Friday, August 14, 2009

Almost famous

I just took my boys to see GI Joe "The Rise of Cobra" - Name any super hero, action, kids movie that is rated PG or G and I have seen it. They are pretty much all I get to see as I don't have someone to go to other kinds of movies most of the time. This movie wasn't anything great - it didn't bore me, but I could have lived without seeing it. It was just there.

In the past couple of years, of this sort of movie my favorites have been the Batman Movie with Heath Ledger (because his joker was just awesome - really he totally overshadowed the guy who played Batman. I don't think they should even have the Joker in any other Batman movie because I really don't think anyone else can do it as well as he did) and Iron Man with Robert Downey Jr. He is another great actor - though a mess in real life if what you read in the tabloids is even half true. I guess like other kinds of artists actors are often emotionally unstable and tortured people - hence the messy lives and tragic deaths (like Heath's RIP).

Once they had a contest here in Dubai. There was supposed to be some kind of movie being filmed here starring Downey Jr, and they decided to cast the female lead locally. So a local paper sponsored a contest and called for women living in the UAE between the ages of 25 and 35, with dark hair and dark eyes, fluent English and "athletic" builds to send in their photos - head shot and full length shot. From those, they would pick some women to come in to audition. I remember my co-worker reading the article out loud in the office.

At that time, I was working for the Sheikh, and he was out of town, so things were a little slower in the office than usual - hence more time for gabbing. Anyway, we started joking around about sending in our photos. She told me that she and her friends were all going to send theirs and said "you have dark hair and eyes - you should just try it." I was like "yeah right.... they need someone with an athletic build." I still have no idea what an athletic build is supposed to be - when I hear it I Imagine some chick with really toned and kind of muscular looking arms. Anyway, as a lark, I ended up sending my photos in - the full length photo wasn't even a proper one - I was seated - but I didn't have any other photos, and it wasn't like I took the contest seriously enough to run out and get one taken.

Quite a bit of time passed, and we forgot all about the contest. The Sheikh returned, and we were right in the middle of a big event to which he had invited HH Sheikh Mohammed. I was checking my e-mail, and I got one that I almost overlooked because I thought it was junk mail. It was from the contest organizers telling me that my photos and initial self description had passed the first round of screening, and they would like me to come down and join other selected women for the first round of auditions. I just laughed. I showed my co-worker, and she tried to convince me to go. BUT the audition was on a work day, and the Sheikh - normally a really good natured guy - was more than a little tense; plus we were working way over time those days as it was to get the event off the ground, and as my luck would have it, the auditions were to be held in the same place where the Sheikh was going to be on the same day promoting his event. I couldn't bring myself to ask for the day off, given the time crunch we were in at work, and I am not the type to do something - like play hookie - and get away with it.

So... I didn't go, and I didn't think about it again... until I saw Iron Man, and Salman was asking me what the name of the actor who plays Iron Man is. When I told him, I remembered this - so I told him about it too - he was so mad at me

"Mommy" he almost shouted in frustration in the middle of the theatre, and then told the little guy "Mommy almost got a chance to be in a movie with Iron Man!!" (a bit of a distortion of the actual story) which then got my little one to also yell "Mommy!" in disappointed outrage. I am flattered that my sons think I would have made it all the way, but at the time I was a newly single working mother - my husband having taken off only a month or so before that, and I didn't think it was worth it to risk the job I actually had to go for an audition that I was not certain to pass. For all I know, they called half the women in Dubai for the audition. Plus, I think I made a good decision - I don't think that movie ever got made - or maybe it did and I just missed it - which is very possible since I only get to see kids movies most of the time.

From time to time, my boys remember this story, especially whenever they see that actor or some reference to Iron Man on TV and yell at me again for not going and ask me, "Why?!!". In their minds, I almost met Iron Man and was almost a movie star - and, for that, they are torn between feeling I am slightly cooler than they thought before and being totally frustrated with me for blowing it all.


Pu├ža said... you almost made it!!:o)

If I were your kids I would ask the same, hahaha, mami in the big screen ooohhh

I completely understand your decision, because was taken according to that moment circumstances, so never feel guilty even if you hear it 10 milion times from your kids, and now, from us followers hahaha


desertmonsoon said...

hahaha - well MY boys think my chances were greater than they actually were. I had to be practical :( I am too shy to be a movie star anyway, I do like acting and imitating.

Jaz said...

Hahaha wow you should be as proud as your sons.. not many people make it past a first movie audition!

.::Tuttie::. said...

mashaAllah. I usually don't imagine what sister bloggers look like but I am beginning to understand why that cop went out of his way for you.

You should be proud and like your sons I feel that you are a little bit cooler than what I thought but darn it you blew it!


desertmonsoon said...

Jaz, well - I just made it past the photo screening part - I doubt my chances were very high of making it past the audition. But it makes for an amusing story and I think my kids' reaction was cute - I'm glad they at least have faith in my abilities (and looks).

Tuttie - well thanks for the compliment but that was then (about 4 years ago) - the stress of the past few years has aged me a lot - i think I look like crap now - I don't think I was that great then and I worse now.
As for the police officer, I am sitll wondering what got him interested - I mean, I hadn't even taken a shower yet that morning - I had just run out of the house quickly to pick up a map - I had pencil stuck through my hair to keep it up. And my nose was red and face all blotchy from crying... I am sure I was quite a sight - but not a pleasant one. As they say, there's no accounting for taste!

You're right though, I did blow it didn't I? It's not like my decision to not go rewarded me with a life long rewarding career with the Sheikh's company.
Darn it!

Anonymous said...

Dear Desert,

Is there no chance of moving back to the US? I think your work prospect would be better there. But maybe you aren't an American. I guess I just assumed you were.

Just Wondering why you stay there

desertmonsoon said...

Hi Anon

Well I am American, my current issue is that I have a bit of debt I have to pay off before I can leave. Plus I am currently trying to get a divorce and custody in the local court and if i left now any headway that has been made so far in that would be lost - not to mention what i have paid to the lawyers so far.

Susie of Arabia said...

Maybe the part was for Ironman! I wish you could have gone - that would be so cool! Next time, go for it!!!

Hajar Zamzam Ismail said...

Hahahaa, little guys have no idea... That's cute though, that they think you "almost" made it.