Saturday, August 29, 2009

Max the Cat Killer

Last night I was sitting in my nice black pleather easy chair, when I heard children's voices outside - it was kind of creepy, but I thought it was my little guy's voice carrying over from the other room or he was running around outside trying to stalk his older brother in one of his elaborate play fantasies. He had dashed by me several times before already with toy guns and swords of all shapes and sizes stashed in his underpants, which doubles as a weapon belt and stuck down the back of his shirt. So, I ignored the voices, until ping! something hit against the window glass behind my chair, and I heard a voice say ..."excuse me"

Anyway, I sent Salman outside to see who it was. There was an Arab woman of some sort and child or two outside our gate. I am not sure what Arab nationality they were, it was dark and I am no good at telling Arabic accents from each other - except sometimes I can tell someone is an Egyptian. Anyway, they said "cat - you have cat?"

I told them "No! I have a dog" then woman looked at me and laughed, "no" she said "you have cat! I put cat inside"

"what?" anyway, somehow she let me know that she put 4 kittens in my yard. I told her "why? i have a big dog, I don't want your kittens!"

After that, I tried to look around, but I couldn't hear or see any kittens - it was too dark in the yard. So I thought maybe they had escaped to another yard - like that of the cat lady behind me. In the morning, there was no sign of the kittens either, so I didn't think more of it. But in the afternoon, they suddenly emerged - and the maid spotted them, but not before Max saw them first. By the time I got out there, there was one dead kitten lying to one side of the yard and one wet, muddy and badly shaken one huddled against the wall. I banished Max to the kitchen (because it has doors on either side that can close him in) while I tried to think what to do with the live kitten. Then I remembered that the lady had said she put 4 kittens in my yard - got to love how selfish some people are... but there was no sign of 3 and 4, and the live one I had didn't seem OK.

I called Salman to come out, and he asked me where the dead kitten was. I pointed to the side of the yard, so he went over there; and that was when he spotted # 3 hiding behind some cement slabs heaped near the wall. We never did find / spot # 4. I hope he / she is OK. Meanwhile, we have two very tiny kittens - one of them very energetic and curious (#3) which we called Spunky and the other one that we have called Sleepy because she just lies there and a cat killing dog. Strangely enough, they are all the same color, Max and Spunky and Sleepy. However, this arrangement obviously can't go on for long or another one of the kittens will end up dead if they unwittingly cross paths with Max again. And I can't expect Max to be reasonable and understand that they are just babies, it is normal instinct for him.

They are adorable, and I am so mad at that woman for just dumping them in my yard without even checking if I could care for them or not - or if there was a dog in our household.

The cat lady behind me gave me a cat carrier box to borrow for a couple days to keep them safe while I try to figure out what to do with the, and as I write this, Spunky is sleeping on top of Sleepy (keeping warm I guess). Max looked very offended when he saw me bringing the carrier in with them inside, and he was sniffing it all over the place - though he didn't seem to be getting aggressive - his tail was still wagging while doing it.

If any one of you living in the UAE is interested in adopting a very tiny kitten or two, let me know. They are so small, they aren't quite sure yet how to chew and basically just lick up their food.

I was supposed to go for a manicure today, because I have an interview tomorrow evening, but I had to deal with this, so I guess I will be going with chipped uneven nails - great! Thanks so much cat dumping lady...


Jaz said...

Hi, what a night! I can't believe they actually did that, but it's good that you are taking care of the little kittens. Who did the kittens belong to in the first place, the women?

Pu├ža said...


by x-mas 2007 I found 2 baby cats abandoned in my community. As they were so small and was so cold outside I got them. I gave one to a neighbour, that said would take care of one. Brought the other one home, where I had my old dog. When the kittie smelled my dog she made a defense noise...I thought ok you 2 have to get along until I find a family fot the kittie which I called Kitty. So my smart idea was to stroke my dog several times, and after the kittie, so I impregnated her with my dog smell. This night she was chasing my dog thinking was her mother, she wanted to sleep with her, and did so, as my dog let her do it.

Next day she was copying all my dog did, when I arived home, as she saw the dog came when the door opened, she did the same.. and a lot of things more. She traveled with us 600km for x-mas, I put an internet advertisement if someone wanted to adopt her and it worked, within 10 days she found a very nice family. I cried so much when gave her, as I saw her teeth and nails grow...and that she survived after all efforts...she was extra small.. Now this family send me pics of her sometimes :o)

So maybe that can work until you find a family for them...

desertmonsoon said...

Hi Jaz,
I'm not sure if they belonged to anyone or were just strays, but if they were just straysm, then why was that woman disposing of them?

You can see their photos in the post above now.

Hi Puca,

Some girl at my work said she tanks she can take them. So she will come over and see them in a day or two. I will miss them, but she is a really nice girl, so I know they will be well taken care of if she takes them. I feel like they are my babies now.