Sunday, August 2, 2009

Old Family Photos - My Parents' wedding

As a change from usual moaning and groaning and fretting about my life - and to take my mind off of it, even if only momentarily, I am going to do something a little bit different.

My Aunt "E", my father's youngest sister has been going nuts scanning old family photos. I don't really have many (any) of my parents when they were young, so it has been nice to see them, plus my dad has been sporting a Jesus look for most of my life so it is nice to see his face for a change.

The thing I like about old photos, is the way they dressed (old photos BEFORE the 70s that is). Everyone looks so... clean and proper and ... decent. Makes me wish I would live back then when things were simpler and marriages were more likely to succeed.

Anyway, since I enjoy looking at old photos (of my own family and other people's as well), I thought I would share some with you. The first batch I will share is my parents' wedding, since without this happy occasion, I wouldn't be here today. Enjoy!

My mom and her bridesmaids (my aunts) at her wedding rehearsal. In this picture they are all wearing scarves on their head because the wedding was in a Catholic Church and in those days you had to at least have some sort of token head covering.

Both of my parents were raised as Atheists, but Dad has always marched to the beat of a different drummer. When he was young he was drawn to nature, and this love of nature made him realize that there must be a God. After reading all about different religions, he settled on Christianity. At first he was attracted to the Catholic Church, mainly because of St. Francis, who was known for his love of nature. This is why they were married in a Catholic Church. After their wedding he donated all of their wedding silver to the Church, much to my grandparents' dismay. He left the Catholic Church later, after further reading of the bible convinced him that certain practices were not necessary (confession to a priest, etc.)

This is my Mother with her father. He died when I was only 8 years old, from lung cancer. I just remember that I loved him most of all my grandparents. We (his grandchildren) called him Bobby, just like our mothers had called his father Bobby. He and my grandmother (whom we called Mimi) lived across the street from us when we were little. My earliest memory involves him. I was less than two and my older sister - who was only three - caught me licking the sweet pink coating off of my grandmother's iron tablets. She ran and told on me, and my parents were worried that I had eaten some of the tablets. What I remember is my grandfather quickly picking me up by my heels and whacking me on the back to try to get me to spit out what ever I had swallowed. I thought I was being punished at the time.

This is my parents' wedding party. The bridesmaids are all my aunts. The one all the way to the left in the top picture and on the right in this one directly above is the older of my dad's two younger sisters "K". The one with black hair next to her is my Mom's oldest sister, Shannon and the one next to her (red head but you can't tell here) "MK" is the middle sister and the maid of honor. The groomsmen / ushers are my dad's brother "G" (next to my dad), next to him is Dave, MK's husband and my Dad's best friend (the three of them were in the same class in high school); Larry - the son of my Mimi and Bobby's closest friends and like a brother to my mom and her sisters; Shannon's husband Tony; and my Dad's and Dave's friend "C" (RIP). C was a very bright and handsome young man with a lot of potential (went to Harvard), but he married a selfish and manipulative woman who later broke his heart, and eventually, he killed himself.

This is the happy couple with my dad's mother's parents. We called them Old grandmother and Old grandfather on the farm. Old grandfather died when I was a baby but Old Grandmother lived to a ripe old age.

My parents were only 23 and 20 years old when they got married. My Dad first saw my mom when he was invited over by MK one day. He and Dave and MK were best friends and he had asked MK to accompany him has a friend to a school dance. His best friend Dave ended up taking MK home after the dance. He saw my mom again later when after graduation MK threw a surprise birthday party for him at home. He said he remembered seeing my mom sitting at a table studying for her final exams. Looking at these pictures, I can see why they fell for each other, they were both really good looking people! (of course I might be biased :) )

My Dad and his brother "G" . My mom said that she was really upset with G because my Dad was very excited and nervous before the wedding so G kept handing him drinks - Champagne. So he was a little pink in the face and tipsy during the wedding. He stopped drinking alcohol altogether not long after that.

Both sets of my grandparents at the wedding. The taller couple is my Dad's parents Grandpa and Grandma (as we called them.) Of all of them, only Grandpa is still alive today (93 years old). Bobby died first when I was 8. Mimi managed to live for 10 more years and then passed on from cancer as well. Grandma died when I was 23. Grandpa has remarried a "younger woman" who is now 73.


Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!

Your mother is such a classical beauty! wow!

Pu├ža said...

Those are beautiful pictures!

And your famil story + pictures a great tribute!


desertmonsoon said...

thanks Aynur. Asel - long time - nice to "see" you here again :) I also think my mom was a beauty but I might be biased.

Thanks Puca - I love old black and white photos. I love looking at their wedding photos - it is kind of like a dream - tall and handsome groom, beautiful bride - almost looks unreal to me - everyone looks so happy and shiny :)

Susie of Arabia said...

Your parents made a very handsome couple indeed! I really enjoy old photos too - I have been scanning a bunch myself - very time consuming, but oh so cool! Thanks so much for sharing and taking us along your trip up in the family tree.

AlabasterMuslim said...

These are some seriously awesome pics. I LOVE black and white old photos. Looking into the past is such a treat.

Manal said...

You have GORGEOUS parents! I am sure you are a beautiful girl yourself! Thanks for sharing such authentic and personal pictures of your family! :)