Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yet another Awesome day in the life of ..me

OK, if I didn't believe I am cursed before, I do now.

Guess what happened to me today?

You can't imagine? Well let me tell you...

I was driving along, minding my own business, on the cornice road - which has those pedestrian crossing elevated paths with flashing lights that are supposed to make you slow down . I wasn't in any hurry, just going to buy a map from the gas station to see if I could figure out how the hell to drive to Al Taweelah from here. So I was moseying along in the slow lane (or slower lane since you are supposed to drive slow on the road in general) and just as I am coming to an intersection the light turns yellow, so it was one of those situations where, if I floored it, I could get through the intersection before it turned red or if I braked quickly I could just stop. I opted for the second choice since I was not in my speed demon mood today.

Apparently the guys in the car behind me were also considering the option to floor it and had decided to go for it, assuming that I was in sync with what they were planning... so I stopped and then wham! I heard the back of my car crumbling, my neck and back and jerked forward and I found my car being pushed into the intersection - which, thankfully was a T- intersection and I was on the top part of the T so it was as bad as being in the middle of a normal intersection.

The people in the car behind me were "surprise surprise" young local guys (who else needlessly tails people and guns through almost red lights?).

Now I was having a pretty bad morning to begin with, for one thing I have PMS or, more accurately, CMS (current menstrual syndrome), for another thing, everything else that has been going on doesn't exactly have me in the best of moods, so the realization that now on top of everything else, I don't have a car, just pushed me over the edge, and I started to cry. I just sat there and cried. I vaguely remember one of the guys saying something to me like "you didn't see light" and snapping something back at him like "YES I saw it, that is why I stopped, you didn't see ME?" followed by "DON"T you DARE try to blame this on me" and then I went back to sobbing.

So there I was in my smashed car having a break down in the middle of the intersection. The police showed up after about 10 minutes or something. The first one out of the car greeted the two guys and right away they launched into their side of the story in Arabic, I got the feeling they were trying to pin it on me somehow which pissed me off. Then the second officer got out of the car. He could speak some English so I told him that I would like to know what they are saying and then I just started crying again. I don't think any of them knew what to do with that... so anyway they told the guys they would make the report and they could pick it up from the station, they told me the same thing but I said "how am I supposed to driver safely with a stiff neck and no brake lights?" (they were lying in the road) - not that having brake lights had done me much good - but I could just picture myself being rear-ended by yet another car on my way to police station, which is on a much faster moving road, because I had no brake lights

So then, after I mentioned my neck, it occurred to them that maybe I needed to go the hospital. They had me park my car along the cornice, and then they drove me to the Emergency Room. At the hospital they took x-rays of my neck and back. Nothing is broken but the Dr. said I am having muscle spasms. My favorite part was when the nurse (a niqabi) asked me in front of the Police Officer if I was married - I don't know what to say about that in my current situation - so I told them - well not really, I am almost divorced. Then she asked me if there is any chance I could be pregnant and I was like "no way" (barring immaculate conception that is) and then she asked me when my last period was - because I guess she didn't believe me - and i told her "now" and she made me repeat it about 5 times - louder each time. So by the time it sunk into her that I was as we spoke menstruating, the whole room, including the police officer who brought me there knew it as well. That was GREAT, though I am sure the police officer must have been thinking - ok, well that explains the crying.

Poor guy had been really worried and had called his friend, another police officer who had been to the US many times (after he found out I am American) to reassure me that the accident would not be blamed on me.

Then I got a shot in my butt - and they sent me home.

Anyway, after that they took me back to my car, and one of them drove me home in my car. They told me they would let me know when the police report would be ready and bring it to me.


Pu├ža said...

oooohhhh what a day!! what a semester!!

So sorry! There are times all bad things come continuously, so when that hapens I just think I'm making clean so next year can only be better. And that's what I wish to you, that all happened until now is because you have to close a dark cicle, and the new on shall be better and brighter.

From now on:



Umm Ismail said...

Subhana Allah What a Day What day Alhamdoulilah you are fine.

NeenahPete said...

Your blog sure has been entertaining of late. I don't mean that in a mean way, sorry. I hope you don't have lasting neck and back pain and your awesome days get, well, awesome of the best kind. Take care.

mostlypurple said...

A few years ago I was rear-ended by a 16 year old kid, I was stopping at a red light in the right lane, and there were already 3 cars stopped ahead of me...caught him by total surprise. It's not just there, kids the world over have bad judgement. My neck was very sore for about a week, you don't realize what whiplash is until it happens to you. So stock up on the ibuprofen, I know you're in the process of moving, but you must try to take it slow for a few days.
Hope the police report turns out to be (ahem)factual, maybe then you could get money from the (parents of the)driver of the other car, since it was his fault. YOu have to learn to be mean though. but seems lately you're getting practice in that! lol.Still rooting for you dear!

Anonymous said...

Oh God, if it isn't one thing, it's another, isn't it??? I'm really sorry... I hope the police report IS accurate, too. "You didn't see light?" How aggravating!!! Take care as best you can. I hope things get better in general for you soon!

Rabbi Lars Shalom said...


desertmonsoon said...

HI Puca,

Thanks - yes I do seem to be having extraordinarily bad luck lately - I hope it can only get better from now on.

Umm Ismail, Yes what a day indeed , and thank god I am ok so far :)

NeenahPete, I know I thought such a series of unfortunate events could only happen in such a short space of time in a movie - apparently not, thanks for your message

Mostly Purple and Eyes Serene, Thank God the report did turn out to be factual. Or so I have been told - it is all in arabic so I can't read it myself :) Thanks for your messages

Rabbi - ?