Sunday, November 29, 2009

Vindication and other things

So I have a lot to report

# 1 I have been vindicated... my "oh so much more professional" replacement quit after telling the boss off :)))
she told me before she left to go back to her country "that man thinks he is a god and everyone else is a cockroach" She told me that he threatened her before she left about revealing any of his shittiness or dishonesty and then she walked out on him. I am not sure what precipitated the whole melt down, but she the little local girl helping her said that he got angry because she wasn't taking her computer home and wasn't answering his calls after a certain time, so he told her that even if she is using the toilet she should answer!!

So now his office is back in a mess. He has no one on which to take out his nasty little temper, because the girl sitting there until they find someone new is a local, and he is too scared to treat them as shittily as he treats others. That might be why he sent an edict to my present supervisor saying that I must return there to work "until he finds someone new." Imagine the nerve, thinking he can tell me how useless I am, fire me, cut my pay and then make me return and put up with his shit again for less money?? I went straight to the HR and told them there was no way I was going back there and that they have no right to mess with my life like this. Seriously they are asking for a "postal" situation. For some reason he is hell bent on placing a westerner - preferably an American there.

#2 My dad is out of the hospital - his growth is still in his abdomen, but he is out for now at least. I hope he wont be back for a while.

#3 I went to see New Moon. I bought the Twilight book, way back when, got bored and didn't finish it - and I love to read. So, I never paid the movie much mind. But then it came on TV here - MBC channel (Yeah MBC), and I watched it and I have to say that it was quite good and romantic - I have always had a thing for vampires - they are kind of tragic monsters - human but not human, that destroy what they love. The kids watched it with me and liked it too - which quite frankly surprised me and New Moon was rated PG 13 so I took them.

Well this move was even better, what I saw of it at least, the problem was that no one else in theater was there to actually watch the movie. I really don't understand these people here. They pay 30 dirhams a ticket and then talk on their cell phones the whole time, talk to each other and get out of their seats about 100 times for trips to the snack counter, bathroom and God-knows-where else. The most annoying are the little local couples on dates. They go to the movie because its dark in there, and no one will see them on a date that they aren't supposed to be on. I know they aren't married couples, why would a married couple choose to pay to go to movie so they can sit and talk? They can do that anywhere they want. I got out of my seat to complain about twenty times because the couple in the row behind us and the couple in the row in front of us were talking so loudly I couldn't hear the movie and their cell phones were ringing every 5 minutes. The couple behind refused to move when the Indian attendant told them that they are bothering me. They have no respect whatsoever for the Indian and Filipino movie theater staff. By the end of the movie my blood pressure was surging and I had the worst headache from tension and rage. My six year old son was better behaved than all of the adults in the theater (aside from me of course).

My high blood pressure actually started on the way to mall. While waiting for the traffic light, one guy in the lane next to me decided that he didn't want to wait for a green light anymore and he was just going to go, but the problem was there were two cars in front of him so he started honking wildly at them until they went - even though the light was still red, and cars will still coming across the intersection from the right to left where they still had a green light. I closed my eyes and winced expecting any minute to witness a horrific crash.

Adding to my pressure, at the mall while sitting on a bench waiting for the movie, 3 couples decided to just take over the three seater bench I was sitting on with the kids. They pushed my little one and my purse clear off the bench and Salman was sitting on, literally, one inch of bench. They attempted to shove me off as well until I said - EXCUSE ME I AM SITTING HERE! DON'T YOU HAVE ANY MANNERS? Of course that was a rhetorical question, since they obviously didn't have any. They seem to operate on a "my butt is bigger so that means I get to push you off the bench" rule.

#4 In other news, my lawyer says my divorce should be final by December, but he has been telling me that it will be done by "next month" since May so I will only believe it when I see it.
My "husband's" birthday was on the 21st, so I called him so the kids could talk to him. He told me, "thank you for letting the kids talk to me," I told him, "it could happen more often if you ever bothered to call." He said "ok I will." I said "you always say that and nothing changes" He said "you will see" .... well Eid just passed and he didn't bother to call them. I guess he was expecting me to call and pay the long distance bill. He didn't even sms us... what a cheapo. He added Salman on Facebook, but he deleted the friend request. His sister also added Salman and Salman deleted her friend request too, yet he still chooses to believe that it is my fault he doesn't communicate with his sons, though the only time he does talk to them is when I pay for the call and I force Salman to talk to him.

Salman left his Facebook open the other day and one of his annoying cousins there came on and was trying to talk to him. I told Salman that his cousin said hi, he told me just reply hi back. Then he asked Salman how old he is now, again Salman told me to reply for him, I told him "11" and the kid then wrote that he is 13. Now I know for a fact that he isn't because he was born only a couple of months before Salman and his parents got married AFTER I did and my 13th anniversary is this coming friday. So I told him "how can you be when you were born at the end of 1997?" then he told me (thinking I was Salman) "no wonder your dad is here and not with you, you are so stupid" - what a nice family they are... and not too bright either - his parents clearly aren't so good with the math since he said they told him he is 13 now.

#5 They say chocolate is a substitute for love - that must be why I just polished off a whole bar of Lindt dark mint chocolate.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Desert Monsoon...
I'm sorry to hear about your father and I hope his health improves soon.

I wish your boss would get his just desserts but he's so arrogant he wouldn't even realize that's what's going on! Well, I'm glad they aren't trying to convince you to go back to that department. I hope your boss goes through a string of replacements and can't get any work accomplished and has a lot of hassle for a really long time!!! heh Let him stress for a change, right??

What a disaster the movie was. I'm sorry to hear it. Maybe next time, bring a cattle prod with you. Just an idea... ;)

The whole ex + ex in law situation... That's a shame, especially if it's motivated by penny pinching (you mention he prefers when you make the LD calls!) Apathy is inexcusable when you're a parent. You don't get to be selfish anymore. That's my opinion on it, I'm sure yours, too, so it makes me mad when parents shirk their responsibilities. It's not right or fair to the kids!

Gotta love the cousin calling your son stupid for not knowing that 2009-1997=13. LOL

Anyway, take care, hope your blood pressure stays down! ;) Insha'Allah, I really hope your father regains his health and soon!