Sunday, April 25, 2010


Well it has been a long time since I have visited my blog. I apologize to everyone who wrote anything to me and I didn't answer - I have had a lot going on.

I am still working at the same place I was when I last wrote. Settled into a routine (rut). My ex boss is now on his 3rd PA since me (it's only been 9 months!) - so, yeah, that's pretty hilarious. I realize now that how long someone lasts depends on how long it takes them to tell him off. Obviously I have a lot more patience or ability to put up with crap than most. I also realize that probably means I put up with more than I should.

My new boss is better, but I have a hard time feeling content here and I always expect the company to try to screw me over again.

The kids have started taking riding lessons and my oldest is doing quite well. He goes for jumping. The stable owner - a talkative local man in his early 50s - says he is a natural and he sees a potential jumping champion in him. I think he thinks he will be as small and as skinny as he is now forever - but I'm not banking on it. My father is 6' 2" and his father was about 5' 10" and his dad was close to 6' so I don't think he'll be perfect jockey size forever. Anyway, he is enjoying it so that makes me happy.

The stables are a really nice place for kids - lots of different kinds of animals there and the owner loves his horses and loves teaching kids to ride and passing on that love of horses.

One of the many things I have been dealing with is that someone I trusted a lot turned out to be a completely horrible person - a con artist really. A long while back I let him drive one of my cars - since I wasn't driving it at the time - but then when I asked for it back, he didn't return it for 6 months! Would have kept it forever I think if I hadn't found out where he lived and was keeping it and showed up there and made a scene and threatened to call the police. What kind of loser takes a single mom's car? My youngest needed an operation so I wanted to sell it to pay for the operation. The look on his face was priceless though. He never expected me to find him or to do anything so drastic. People think I'm all mild mannered - they think they can push me around. This is because I prefer to try to solve problems the most civil way possible, but some people don't understand this and they think I am weak - they never see it coming when I hit back. :)

On the downside, he had a bunch of traffic fines on the car that I had to pay and he had totally destroyed the car so it was next to worthless - as I drove off in it he told me "Inshallah you will not get even 1 dirham for it." what a man! He knew I wanted to sell it to take care of my child and that is what he had to say? And he brought God into it! Some people have no shame.

However, not everyone is a slimy creep. A truly good friend of mine said he would help me sell the car once I got it back, but once he saw the condition it was in, he bought it from me at far more than it was worth - saying he will fix it up and sell it and get his money back. He also paid the fines on the car. Now there's a gentleman for you... what a contrast!

I guess I should sleep now... so that's all from me - for the time being.