Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I have a zit

On my chin... and it hurts...

In other news. The Big Boss's third secretary has left - not sure whether she was fired or quit - guess it doesn't really matter - one or the other is bound to happen eventually and the only difference in either scenario is - the person tells him and chooses to leave at the same time or tells him off and doesn't choose to leave at that time. The key to staying there is to NOT tell him off - but that's virtually impossible - because his behavior is so out of line.

The head of my department has been fired - with no warning and for no real reason - just the usual dirty politics / mutiny based on personal vendettas and orchestrated by unqualified underlings who don't appreciate the structure imposed by someone who actually knows their job and comes from a professional background ... I feel bad for him. This happens a lot here - currently at least two other departments are in an unsupervised mess (as we are about to be) due to similar crap. It's funny how they think it is better to leave a department without supervision or run by a totally under-qualified deputy than keep the director until they find a replacement.

I'm depressed by it all - he was the only person capable of judging my work and who gave me constructive feedback. Can't wait to see which yahoo will be stuck there until we find a new director - (IF we find one).

God help us all....

Monday, May 10, 2010

This made me sad

A very sad article - this poor Bangladeshi man and others like him pay small fortunes (for them) to come to Dubai and end up living as beggars...