Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Well, Christmas has come and gone in the blink of an eye.

I had an ear infection and sore throat right before hand, and I was totally stressed out from work, so I didn't manage to get the presents wrapped and under the tree until after midnight on Christmas Eve - well technically very early Christmas morning.

Thank God for the boxes from my mom and sisters arriving on the 23rd, otherwise things would have looked a little bleak under the tree. Speaking of my boxes arriving, the customs official wanted to charge me like 200 extra dirhams and I asked him "Why? They're gifts?" and he said "Under $200 gift - over charge" But each individual box was under $200 dollars and they didn't come from the same place, I just happened to pick them up on the same day. It makes no sense. The same three boxes, if I had picked them up on separate days, would have been free.
They also included the cost of posting the items with the actual price to calculate the duty - nice :(

Anyway, I decide to just cook a little meal for myself and the boys, but then I ended up inviting another American friend and her family because she wasn't at all prepared for Christmas thanks to her sons having chicken pox. Mine already had it, so I figured there was no harm in inviting them. I also invited my Jordanian coworker.

I cooked turkey, corn pudding and mashed potatoes (with sour cream) and then apple crisp and cheesecake (baked New York Style) for dessert.

My maid announced that she is going home for a vacation. First she said she would be gone for two weeks, then one month now it stands at month and a week, who knows what it will be next. This means I have no one to watch my kids while I am at work. S is almost 13, though, so I guess he can babysit for little D. My main worry is what they will eat for lunch and dinner - that's pretty much all she did for them anyway, cooked. Otherwise, she was in her room watching TV. I am hoping, though, that after she has a break, she will be in a better mood and work better.

Finding a maid is not such an easy task in RAK...

I need a vacation... a real one, not a trip back home where I will end up sitting at a computer doing my work the entire time. They don't respect my right to have a proper leave here. Even when I am on sick leave they bug me and nag me about deadlines.

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