Monday, August 15, 2011

Taxi Thieves

Just want to give a big fat shout out to all the inconsiderate taxi thieves I have encountered in the past few days.

First of all there was Mr. "all dressed up in a nice suit" - sir, even though you may dress like a gentleman - your behavior says otherwise.

Then there was a chubby heavily made up lady - She was perhaps my favorite... she didn't want to stand in the sun so she retreated back from the road side to cower in the shade of building where she could not see taxis approaching nor could they see her, when she saw me hailing a taxi, she quickly dashed out to the road in front of me and grabbed it... nice eh?

Lady with Umbrella - another sun-shy maiden - came to the taxi stand after I did and then planted herself squarely in front of me with her big fat umbrella so I couldn't see anything. Whenever I tried to reposition myself she moved and blocked me.

Here's the real clincher - I am the one who needed the most sun protection yet I stood out in the sun the longest thanks to these gems of humanity. Not only am I light-skinned, but I have photo-sensitivity - and am not supposed to go in the sun. After my little ordeal my skin rash was starting.

So people, next time you steal a taxi, or push in front of someone in a line, don't think that what you're doing is no big deal. You never know how your actions might impact another person's life.

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♥ααℓiα♥ said...

This used to happen to me (very rarely tho because they thought I was a local with the 3abaya/shayla) so I said very loudly, "excuse me, i was waiting here before you". Usually they feign ignorance but say right away "sorry Madame" (if it's Indians or Filipinas). In Abu Dhabi u gotta be tought LoL!! I will show u inshaaAllah :-)