Thursday, September 1, 2011

The miss who turned out to be a mister...

I spent the first part of my nine day eid holiday up north, sorting out things and packing in my old house.

It so empty and lonely there without the boys. I kept expecting my little one to come round the corner at any minute with his long hair, clad in only his little red underpants and looking for all the world exactly like Mowgli in the Jungle Book.

Or for the older one to suddenly appear at my elbow and tell me some string of new facts he learned from the Discovery Channel or reading.

Luckily, I wasn't completely alone. I had my cat for company. He's a little over a year old now and the most gorgeous cat I have ever seen. I have no idea what breed he is, but he is lovely. Considering his beauty, I have been feeling very guilty for getting him castrated. Cats like him should be allowed to breed.

We actually thought he was a girl for the entire first year. Mainly, because the idiots at the pet store told us he was, but also because of his behavior. He had a collection of small stuffed animals that he played with, and he appeared to be playing house. He would pick them up by the backs of their necks and carry them over to his food dish, where he would place them face down - as if he expected them to eat. Later he would take them over next to the litter box. Presumably so they could relieve themselves. He seemed quite maternal.

So imagine my surprise when my little one carried him over to me and plopped him on my lap and announced "Mom, Misty's got a nut-sack". I scoffed at him, "Can't be" I said, but I checked anyway, and sure enough, under all the gorgeous fur, there was - indeed - a nut-sack. A few days later Misty began "romancing" one of the larger stuffed animals and he started licking himself so I saw not only the nut-sack but his ... noodle as well, so before he reached the stage of spraying all over my house, I took him to the vet.

You might wonder how I managed to miss that he had male equipment - I had raised a stray kitten before and from the time he was tiny I could see his balls. But Misty was so furry and fluffy and I swear he never sexed up a stuffed animal or licked himself openly until after we discovered his nut-sack. It was as if he was hiding it from us until we discovered it.

Anyway, he's fixed now, dashing my sons' hopes of cute Misty babies to care for in the future, but my furniture is safe.

Meanwhile, a few months before I left and took this new job, a stray, that the kids named "loud hungry kitty" because - well - he's a very loud, very hungry kitty, had started coming to the house every day or so begging for food and affection. Unlike most strays, he is quite friendly, and loves people. When I was sitting near the window the other day, he was rubbing himself up against the window right next to me - as if he was trying to rub against me. It was quite heartbreaking. If I didn't already have a cat, I would have adopted him - though he is quite ugly - but I can't handle two cats, much less two males - unlike Misty, Loud Hungry has very prominent "man jewels" and short fur, so I am sure he is a male.

The most I could do for him was put food and water out. Now I worry about him, who will feed him now that I am gone. I didn't see him in my last trip, which worried me since he usually shows up at some point. I hope he didn't get run over by a car or something.

Instead of Loud Hungry, a new stray showed up. Eid morning I woke up to find Misty staring intently out the window at goat that was sprawled across my front door step. Where it came from I have no idea. I don't live in a farming area and I never noticed any goats being kept around my house. The fact that it was eid made me wonder if it was an escapee, on the run from becoming someone's eid feast. I put water out for it too. It was still there when I left later that afternoon.

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